Serenity Massage Studio

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You Get YOUR 60 minutes

Tired of going into other massage places and never getting a FULL Hour Massage?

I know I was! SO......

I created: 

YOU GET YOUR 60 Minutes


Serenity Massage Studio

We guarantee you get a FULL hour massage. We suggest new clients arrive 15 minutes before. Paperwork needs to be addressed and any major health issues need more time to accommedate you. To ensure you're on time check arrival time by GPS on-line(using google maps) prior to appointments to get most accurate times and traffic updates, before you leave. Reducing your stress prior to your massage is important. We understand that emergancies can happen that's why we want to make sure you get a FULL 60 minute massage. If for some reason you know you are going to be late and are able:

1.) Call the studio or text (Do Don't Text While Driving) your therapist. We allow proper timing in-between, but like to know.

Your 60 minutes STARTS when you get on the table and start relaxing, Not when you walk through the door. 

All habitual tardiness and timing will be addressed on an individual basis and will not always be guaranteed.